Weapons Pack


A daring set of 3D models. No matter if you’re mocking up a medieval blacksmith’s shop, putting your own spin on a scene from your favorite vintage video game, or just testing textures on a sci-fi dream armory, these digital assets are sure to ignite your imagination.

You'll pick your license when you check out.

32 Total Models!

Adventure sword Adventure Sword
Anvil Anvil
Bomb and bag Bomb And Bag
Bow and arrow Bow And Arrow
Cannon Cannon
Dagger Dagger
Dynamite Dynamite
Evil chainsaw Evil Chainsaw
Foam sword Foam Sword
Frying pan Frying Pan
Ghost pack Ghost Pack
Grenade Grenade
Hatchet Hatchet
Hunting rifle Hunting Rifle
Ice pick Ice Pick
Katana Katana
King hammer King Hammer
Master sword Master Sword
Mining sword Mining Sword
Missle Missle
Ninja star Ninja Star
Phaser Phaser
Pirate Sword Pirate Sword
Ray gun Ray Gun
Squirt gun Squirt Gun
Super special gun Super Special Gun
Toy handgun Toy Handgun
Trident Trident
Turtle shell Turtle Shell
Wooden sword Wooden Sword
Zombie bat Zombie Bat

Why Happy Toolbox?

Each of the 32 models in the Weapons Pack is meticulously curated to complement every other Happy Toolbox design. The options are endless when you can mix and match to your creativity’s content, and the assets are easy to use—sub-D modeled, UV mapped, and available in LIB4D and FBX formats.

With such careful art direction behind everything we create, you’re free to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on the big picture for your next great project.

Don't see what you're looking for?

We'd love to hear about what models or products you'd like to see next. We take suggestions seriously and will do our best to meet your creative needs.