Outdoor Adventure Pack


A bold set of 3D models. Whether you’re assembling a circle of stumps for a summer camp sing-along, pitching tents for cartoon scouts in a digital short, or setting the scene in a post-apocalyptic webcomic, these digital assets have everything you need to survive your next creative expedition.

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42 Total Models!

Backpack Backpack
Beer bottles Beer Bottles
Beer cans Beer Cans
Binoculars Binoculars
Bunny Bunny
Camper Camper
Camping stove Camping Stove
Canoe Canoe
Canteen Canteen
Charcoal grill Charcoal Grill
Cooking pot Cooking Pot
Cooler Cooler
Deer skull Deer Skull
Fire Fire
Fish Fish
Fishing pole Fishing Pole
Flashlight Flashlight
Folding chair Folding Chair
French press French Press
Guitar Guitar
Kayak Kayak
Kettle Kettle
Lantern Lantern
Lighter fluid Lighter Fluid
Metal canister Metal Canister
Picnic table Picnic Table
Plastic water bottle Plastic Water Bottle
Record player Record Player
Shovel Shovel
Skewers Skewers
Skull n bones Skull N Bones
Sleeping bags Sleeping Bags
Stump Stump
Telescope Telescope
Tent 1 Tent 1
Tent 2 Tent 2
Tent 3 Tent 3
Tent 4 Tent 4
Thermos Thermos
Tin mug Tin Mug
Tuna can Tuna Can
Water tank Water Tank

Why Happy Toolbox?

Each of the 42 models in the Outdoor Adventure Pack is meticulously curated to complement every other Happy Toolbox design. The options are endless when you can mix and match to your creativity’s content, and the assets are easy to use—sub-D modeled, UV mapped, and available in LIB4D and FBX formats.

With such careful art direction behind everything we create, you’re free to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on the big picture for your next great project.

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