City Pack


A bustling set of 3D models. Whether you’re experimenting with new paint jobs for your town’s bus stop benches, animating a how-to video about parallel parking, or creating the street-level scene above a superhero hideout in the sewers, these digital assets should help keep your good ideas out of gridlock.

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45 Total Models!

2 bar barricade 2 Bar Barricade
A frame barricade A Frame Barricade
Banner street light Banner Street Light
Bike rack Bike Rack
Bike rental station Bike Rental Station
Bollard Bollard
Bus stop Bus Stop
Cardboard box Cardboard Box
Cement barrier Cement Barrier
Chicago hydrant Chicago Hydrant
City tree City Tree
Cone Cone
Construction arrow board Construction Arrow Board
Decorative street light Decorative Street Light
Dumpster Dumpster
Electric charger Electric Charger
Fence barrier Fence Barrier
Fire hydrant Fire Hydrant
Garbage bag Garbage Bag
Hot dog cart Hot Dog Cart
Newspaper box Newspaper Box
Park bench Park Bench
Parking meter Parking Meter
Pigeons Pigeons
Post box Post Box
Public phone Public Phone
Quad street light Quad Street Light
Railroad crossing Railroad Crossing
Rats Rats
Safety barrel Safety Barrel
Scaffolding Scaffolding
Sewer cover Sewer Cover
Signal box Signal Box
Square trash can Square Trash Can
Stop sign Stop Sign
Street light Street Light
Subway station Subway Station
Traffic light multi Traffic Light Multi
Traffic light single Traffic Light Single
Traffic signs Traffic Signs
Trash can Trash Can
Tree bench Tree Bench
Tree planter Tree Planter
Wooden crate Wooden Crate
Wooden pallet Wooden Pallet

Why Happy Toolbox?

Each of the 45 models in the City Pack is meticulously curated to complement every other Happy Toolbox design. The options are endless when you can mix and match to your creativity’s content, and the assets are easy to use—sub-D modeled, UV mapped, and available in LIB4D and FBX formats.

With such careful art direction behind everything we create, you’re free to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on the big picture for your next great project.

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