About The Happy Toolbox

The Happy Toolbox is a 3D design studio that builds fairly priced, stylistically unified 3D models for creative people everywhere.

All our assets are carefully art directed—each polygon crafted to maximize both variety and versatility. Every model complements the others, so you can mix and match to make your animated film, video game, web comic, or explainer video just as beautiful as you imagined.

We’ve got a lot to offer, and we’re always adding more tools to the toolbox. But if you don’t find exactly what you need, ask us about custom 3D solutions for your next project!

Our Process

Our 3D assets are simple, but our approach is comprehensive.

About happy

Sub-D Modeled

Time and disk space are at a premium for creatives, so all of our creations are sub-d modeled and utilize the cleanest possible geometry. Build the worlds you’re dreaming of without getting bogged down by heavy assets.


UV Mapped

We know how important it is for each part of your project to be perfect. That’s why every model we offer is carefully UV mapped so your beautiful textures and design elements are wrapped and rendered faithfully.


LIB4D & FBX Formats

Usability is vital, so our assets are available in two formats. Cinema 4D’s native LIB4D delivers a streamlined file that puts all your models directly into your project library, making scene imports a snap. For anyone not using Cinema 4D, the FBX format is a versatile, lightweight option that includes both high-poly and low-poly versions for every model.

Don't see what you're looking for?

We'd love to hear about what models or products you'd like to see next. We take suggestions seriously and will do our best to meet your creative needs.