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You won’t find a more complete set of stylized models anywhere else. You know if they’re Happy Toolbox models, they’re gonna all work perfectly together and make you smile along the way.

Chad Ashley

CD / Head of Product at Greyscalegorilla

Happy Toolbox models are becoming our go-to for quickly adding more detail and a little extra spice to our projects. It's so great to have an arsenal of options that are light weight, stylized, and ready to texture.

Nick Hopkins

Founder / ECD at Run Kick Shout

For those RARE times when you DON'T want to make a futuristic dystopian landscape where today's leading corporations have become our fascist slave overlords and yer just one dude standing alone against the system...

The Happy Toolbox model packs are my go-to assets when I need something that works great for client projects. I know when I’m using the models that they are well-constructed, unwrapped and will fit in perfectly with my workflow every time.

The Rusted Pixel

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Grayscale gorilla

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